Board Leadership Sherpas

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Sherpas are renowned for their ability to navigate brutal high-altitude mountain conditions, leading adventurers safely to the summit – and back again. Most of our BottomLine Sherpas can’t scale ice cliffs and do not have functional relationships with carabiners; but in the competitive, high-pressure business world, they are trusted guides with the knowledge, experience, and insight to help you climb to your peak – but not back again.

Our CFO, COO, and Board of Mentors Sherpas are experts in their fields and consistently demonstrate not only technical mastery but innovation in developing client-focused solutions and board leadership. Each member of the team is carefully chosen for her/his ability to meet your unique needs in the areas of financial strategy, operational efficiency, or developing effective advisory boards. In addition to our stringent criteria, our Sherpas undergo personality testing to ensure an optimal fit, and optimal results, for each client.

Whether your business is growing or underperforming, whether you need temporary C-suite help or mentoring for long-term success, our BottomLine Sherpas are committed to helping your business reach new heights.  

Meet Our Sherpas

Whether our Sherpas specialize in financial strategy, operational efficiency or developing an effective advisory board, each meets a set of highly stringent criteria, including personality testing to help us determine which Sherpa will be the right fit for each client.


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