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When you are navigating the precipice of growth, making the right steps is just as important as avoiding the wrong ones. Whether your business is outgrowing its startup resources, or you need to refine and document your processes and systems, reduce waste, or maximize your operations capital, BottomLine Sherpas have the in-depth experience to help you gain sure footing and a clear path to success. This resource is designed to help you take a good look at your operational strategy and performance and find opportunities for improvement and sustainable, profitable growth.

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Increase Profitability Through Personnel

Written by Carol Coughlin

increase profitability

As we reported in our January trends issue, even though the battle for top talent has long been on our radar screens as business owners, the human capital arena has never been more competitive. Not only is demand for high-performing personnel increasing, but there’s also increasing pressure on exceptional employees to perform faster. The reason: The impact of…

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What’s Your Operations Action Plan for 2013?

Written by Carol Coughlin

Operations Action Plan

In September, we revisited our top three financially focused New Year’s Resolutions  – those finance-related planning steps that can make the biggest difference in a company’s growth and success. In reality, though, you can’t stop with the numbers. Operations action plan also needs a good, hard look. So, this month we’re sharing our Top Three Operations…

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