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Is your company poised for rapid growth? Are your financial strategies strong enough to fulfill your growth potential? Is your financial staff keeping pace? Navigating financial strategy is complex, challenging, and expensive. BottomLine Growth founder and CEO Carol Coughlin climbed her way to top financial leadership roles, setting anchor points to help small and mid-sized businesses reach their own summits. Explore how you can prepare your business for a successful growth journey, using this resource as your first step.

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Going for Financial Growth? Be Financially Strategic

Written by Carol Coughlin

Financial Growth

Generally, American companies – and Americans themselves – are nuts about financial growth. In fact, our entire financial system is set up to measure growth specifically – to the exclusion of virtually all other measurements. We like financial growth, too. But it has to be profitable growth. Sadly, growth and profitability are not always roommates. Especially, if good…

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Can Strategic Advantage Help You Bank on Your Business Bank?

Written by Carol Coughlin

Strategic advantage

Strategic Advantage and Growth-focused businesses need smart, reliable, outside partners at virtually every phase in the business life cycle. However, there’s one partner many business owners don’t put much consideration into selecting at all: their bank. While it’s somewhat understandable why convenience, for instance, would trump making a more conscious and strategic choice, choosing your…

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