Mapping a Clear Path to a Strong Financial Strategy

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Client: Non-Profit Organization


Without a straight path and a clear goal, success can be elusive. When we first met this CEO, she was struggling with her CFO who would be leaving the organization in a month’s time. The CEO and the board did not feel they could rely on the information they were receiving from the CFO because of multiple reporting issues that had led them to question the underlying credibility of the CFO. The CEO wanted an assessment of where the organization stood and a job description of the CFO position. This CEO was similar to many of our clients. She was not a “financial person” and she needed to partner with someone who could get her on that straight path toward a strong financial strategy.



We reviewed and mapped out a path of the organization’s financials compared to industry benchmarks and evaluated reporting and skills of the current CFO.  We spoke to management and board members about the desired reporting and concerns.

With a little navigation, we recommended specific reports that should be presented to the board on a regular basis. We then coached the CEO on how to work with the board to strengthen communication. We crafted a job description and reviewed candidates that were a fit. We also mapped an iterative budget model that could be used in future years.


The organization ran with our recommended CFO job description and included others in the interview process. Ultimately, they were able to hire a full-time CFO who was an ideal fit in all regards – credible, reliable and experienced. Now, the CEO can rest at night, knowing she made the right decision and that her organization is in good hands even while she is away. She is getting the reports she needs, and has an accurate cash flow model for future planning.

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