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Carol Coughlin

Carol Coughlin founded BottomLine Growth Strategies, Inc., in 2006 as a way for small and medium-sized businesses to access the same high-level financial and operational expertise that gives large companies a distinct advantage. Using her own extensive corporate experience and willingness to sit in the hot seat as a catalyst, Carol helps BottomLine Growth clients climb to the summit of their success.

One Strategic Role CEOs should Consider Outsourcing

Written by Carol Coughlin

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Business experts once believed that all individuals in the C-suite needed to have a high stake in the company. They needed to be full-time employees, personally invested in the organization’s success. However times have changed (especially since the last recession) and small- to mid-sized companies committed to good growth – growth that’s sustainable and profitable […]

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Maximizing the CFO-Board Relationship

Written by Carol Coughlin


Among the management team, the CFO is typically the most visible management member to the board other than the CEO. It is therefore critical that the CFO, in addition to the CEO, work well with the board. Of course, as in any relationship, both sides must commit and contribute in order to create a powerful […]

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