Assisting Inc Magazine in Analyzing a Well-Known Startup’s Finances

Written by Carol Coughlin. Posted in Business Leadership, Financial Strategy

I was recently contacted by Victoria Finkle, a business writer for Inc. Magazine, to help analyze the financials of the fast-growing, San Francisco-based tech company, Buffer.


Typically, very little financial information can be found on privately held companies like Buffer, but thanks to the company’s ongoing commitment to radical transparency – a core value that Buffer calls “Default to Transparency” – we were able to offer growth advice based on real data.


I was honored to be part of the small team that performed this analysis and appreciated the opportunity to share my opinion about how Buffer was doing, as well as offer a few tips to help them grow more profitably and add enterprise value to their company.


Here’s a link to the Inc. Magazine article: This Startup Let Us Snoop Through Its Finances. Here’s What We Found.


I think you’ll enjoy the story of Buffer, and if you have any questions about the advice that was given by me, just ask.



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