Are You Making the Right Growth Decisions for Your Company?

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10 Litmus-Test Questions
Smart CEOs Ask

As a business owner, the responsibility for scaling success rests on your shoulders – and, frankly, it’s a lot of pressure. So how do we as leaders know if we’re making the right growth decisions?

While there will always be room for course corrections (in fact, course correcting is essential for success), there are a handful of key questions you can ask yourself before making any major growth decision that will greatly increase your chances of making the right choice.

In fact, every business owner would be wise to keep these questions in their back pocket to use as a litmus test before finalizing any course of action.

Here are the 10 questions we want you to have on hand as you grow your company:

The 10 Litmus-Test Questions Smart CEOs Ask

  1. Is this decision aligned with my company’s strategic direction, or will it take us on a tangent?
    • If it’s aligned, what could be changed to make the alignment even tighter?
    • If it’s a tangent, can anything be changed to bring it into alignment?


  1. Will this decision increase the profitability and value of the company?


  1. What is the expected ROI of this decision – and how long will it take recoup the investment?


  1. Is there a more efficient or cost-effective way to accomplish the same thing? 


  1. What are the implications of this decision – immediately, in 10 months in 10 years?


  1. What analysis, if any, do I need to perform to feel certain about this decision?


  1. What gaps will I need to bridge and what resources will I need onboard if I make this decision?


  1. What conditions make this decision the best possible choice?


  1. If I were fired as the CEO and a new CEO was brought in, would he or she make this same decision?


  1. What am I not seeing or just plain ignoring?

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